2019 CCC Token Prices from eBay

I tracked the sale of every CCC token I could find on eBay in 2019. Most pieces are uncommon, especially compared to federal coins from the United States, and only a few are commonly found. Total Number Sold66Total Prices$5,087Average Price$77SaleEvery 5.5 days The least expensive example sold for $7, a corroded 10-cent token from company… Continue reading 2019 CCC Token Prices from eBay

Partial Year Sales on eBay 2019

I watch and track eBay sales of CCC tokens on eBay. From January through October, there were 52 examples sold for a total of $3,798. On average a token sold for $73 once every 6 days. Most pieces are scarce, and only a few are are commonly found. The least expensive sold for $7, a… Continue reading Partial Year Sales on eBay 2019