1934 New Deal Elongate

There are three contemporary varieties of elongates celebrating the New Deal and the Civilian Conservation Corps. They all depict Franklin D. Roosevelt in the center of the design with an inscription surrounding the portrait. Elongates are sometimes called "squished pennies." These souvenir pieces are made usually by rolling a copper cent through a press, which… Continue reading 1934 New Deal Elongate

Company 557 from Bonanza, Oregon

CCC Company 557 served in the range land east and south of Bonanza, Oregon. The Division of Grazing directed the work building access roads, surveying land boundaries, and installing telephone lines. There are two tokens from this camp: a 25 cent piece (shown below) and a 5 cent one. Reference: https://livingnewdeal.org/projects/bonanza-grazing-district-improvements-gerber-block-or/