Whitewater, New Mexico Camp

This rare CCC token is from Whitewater, New Mexico, camp 2846. Whitewater is a small community in Grant County in southwest New Mexico. It features a cool, semi-arid climate. There were two camps in Whitewater, one in 1936 and then another in 1938. Both worked on soil conservation projects. The round token is small, only… Continue reading Whitewater, New Mexico Camp

Nature’s New Deal by Neil Maher

I just finished reading Nature's New Deal by Neil Maher. Maher examines the history of the New Deal and Civilian Conservation Corps. He shows how Franklin D. Roosevelt's policies promoted implemented through the CCC contributed to today's environmental movement and helped pull America out of the depression. It has clear writing and is well researched.… Continue reading Nature’s New Deal by Neil Maher

2019 CCC Token Prices from eBay

I tracked the sale of every CCC token I could find on eBay in 2019. Most pieces are uncommon, especially compared to federal coins from the United States, and only a few are commonly found. Total Number Sold66Total Prices$5,087Average Price$77SaleEvery 5.5 days The least expensive example sold for $7, a corroded 10-cent token from company… Continue reading 2019 CCC Token Prices from eBay